Nadoor Karunakara Shetty Alias B.K. Karuna

Date of Birth: 2nd January 1940

Shantivan Complex, Abu Road – 307510, RAJASTHAN Tel: 91- 9414153999, 9828553998, 9829221111.


Education: Diploma in Designs & Development Mechanical (1958)

Job: Supervisor for 9 years at Hindustan Machine Tools, Bangalore. He continued to hold down a job till 1967, after which he ran his own business till 1971.

He came into contact with the Brahma Kumaris in 1960 and decided to dedicate his life to their teachings and services the same year. He pioneered the expansion of spiritual services of the Brahma Kumaris in all parts of South India ñ Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Kerala and Andrapradesh.

His love for writing proved to be a valuable asset in spreading spiritual knowledge: As early as 1960, he began writing articles for the local newspaper and later on started his own printing press, ëSachi Gita Printersí. Published several spiritual books in Kannada and a fortnightly magazine called ëGyan vigyaní.

A linguist in 13 languages, he was invited in 1971 to stay at the Brahma Kumaris Headquarters in Rajasthan as Public Relations Officer to assist in administration and service projects. Simultaneously he held positions as special correspondent for the Rajasthan Patrika (1975) and United News of India (UNI) from 1976- 1996.

In his capacity as a special correspondent, he made several trips around the globe and also represented the UNI in International events, attending conferences, seminars and exhibitions on ëCommunication, Computerisation and Broadcastingí. As Guest of the State, he was interviewed several times by BBC, Voice of America and many TV stations, apart from meeting top press personalities around the globe.

He has been able to introduce a vast range of technical equipment and the latest technology not only at the various campuses at the headquarters, but in many of its branches around India and overseas too.  Over a period of 20 years, the headquarters has acquired:

  • a network of around 1000 computers
  • several telephone exchanges
  • VSAT Communications & Video conferencing.
  • Internet/email servers:-
  • Audio/video streaming from the headquarters to all BK centres on the Glob
  • Facilities for providing simultaneous translation in 16 languages, at all major. conference halls in India and at the headquarter
  • Creation and development of the Media Wing.
  • Audio Video Production facilities and up linking to TV channel
  • Produced more than 3000 hours of value education TV software
  • Produced more than 1000 Audio titles by Top singers and music directors of India At present, he holds titles of

–    P.R.O. and Chief of Multi Media for the Brahma Kumaris (int. HQís)

  • Manager and Board Member of Raja Yoga Education & Research Foundation (RERF)
  • India coordinator for Global IT and Vi
  • Vice-Chairperson of Media Wing (RERF)
  • Consultant To Zee Network

The Media Wing renders following services:

  • Provides Value-Based Training and conducts Seminars for professionals connected to the field of Media
  • Organizes yearly National Conference for Media Professionals
  • Publishes registered fortnightly newspaper, Om Shanti Mediaí
  • Has established OmShantiProductionCompany, which produces software on spiritual lectures & Value Education for various television channels and hundreds of cable networks around India. Till date, about 3000 hours worth of material has been designed and televised on ZeeTV,Sony,Sanskar,ETC, Jagaran,, Sadana,E-TVand Aastha.
  • Produces monthly Video Magazine God Newsí, a compilation of the service activities of the Brahma Kumaris around the Glob

A short documentary, DiscovertheSpiritWithinî produced by him was honored with Award of        Excellence, by RAPA, in June 2003.

He has been accorded an international award for mass communication and spiritual development by UNO-2004.

He was invited as speaker to India Calling 2004 at Singapore to speak on values in business.

His practice of Rajyoga Meditation and inculcation of spiritual values and lifestyle over 40 years have made him an effective spiritual teacher and guide to many individuals from different professional backgrounds. Despite being connected with the most rapidly changing and progressive areas of life (Media & Technology), his complete focus on spiritual goals helps him to maintain a balanced mind, creative and visionary intellect, and successful relations.

An eloquent speaker, he has given hundreds of lectures on values and spirituality at conferences, retreats, and training programmes conducted yearly by the Brahma Kumaris at their Headquarters.

His life is the epitome of dedication, selflessness and commitment towards self- and world- transformation.  His knowledge of balancing Science and Spirituality, and unshakeable faith in the Supreme Being, continues to take him to newer realms of wisdom and experience.